Tailored Faith Co.

Fringe Earrings

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Available in black, ivory and blush-these handmade (yes, handmade by Tailored Faith Co!) earrings are the perfect weight, length and pop of color and fun you need to add to your wardrobe. 

Tailored Faith Co. is a local Black Hills company that brings a simple elegance to your everyday. Find encouragement & confidence in your own tailored journey through minimalistic jewelry that holds meanings of truth & embodies the most treasured pieces of your journey. More than just something trendy you put on everyday, but something filled with meaning; something that promotes an encouraged and healthy mindset filled with God's truth. It's important to fill your heart and mind with God's word so that when life gets hard and questions and feelings of inadequacy come, you will have a deep well full of God's truth and promises over your life to encourage yourself in.