About Us


Kalon Threads was prayerfully founded in 2018 by a dear friend of mine as a way to glorify God be more than just an online boutique. In 2019, I was humbled by the opportunity to become the owner of Kalon and we're just getting started on our adventure!

Growing up in Michigan, I began on my path to Kalon (not knowing it at the time) but feeling like God called me to a really big purpose. I was a home-schooled, outdoorsy, volleyball playing, musician, animal-loving, curly haired girl that was on a mission.  My path led me to South Dakota where I met and married my dear husband, and stepped into Ownership for Kalon.

Kalon, meaning the ideal of physical and moral beauty, or also defined as beauty that is greater than skin deep, is our soul-purpose and mission.  We were created with individual purposes that are connected to a greater network of people. 

We were created to be beautiful on the inside before anything else, and our Threads...our hand-picked and unique Threads, are here to give you a way to show your inner beauty on the outside.  So, join me on a mission to show genuine beauty, love and connection by presenting the best version of ourselves to the world around us. 

Let's connect with those people in our lives, be conversation starters and influencers.  Let's break the molds the world can make so readily for us, and be different. Kalon will always strive to connect, give back and influence the world in a positive, God-honoring way.

Thank you for joining in our mission to change the world around us!