What do you do?

When people ask me what I "do" there's no way to summarize my heart in one simple answer! So I say: "I own Kalon Threads, a women's boutique" and they nod, finding my answer to be satisfactory.

What I wish I could say is more of a coffee-chat kind of conversation, and it's this... I have opportunities everyday to connect real women to pieces of clothes that will honor their lifestyle, style and womanhood. The very definition of Kalon is "Inner Strength or Beauty" and my desire for women that come into our shop, or visit us online, is for them to be aware that they are fully equipped to embrace that inner strength and beauty.

Wearing threads that are made well is to find lasting joy in those pieces. There's beauty in slowing down the fast fashion cycle and selecting pieces for your closet that you'll live in-make memories in.

Just as we are all threads in God's tapestry of grand design, the threads in the pieces you choose are woven into your life, your memories, your comfort, your identity. The expression of who you are on the outside, I've found, mirrors closely the heart of the person on the inside and THAT is where Kalon comes in.

We're here to take your hand and be a small part of the moments where your value, strength and beauty show through you. Thank you for letting us be part of the threads in your life.