Wardrobe feeling a bit one-sided? Let's talk Full-Circle Fashion.

As women, I feel our shopping habits ebb and flow with different seasons of our lives.  Some seasons include finding the best sales and spending little money, other seasons may include feeling trendy and buying the newest pieces! We certainly all have shopping habits and there's a habit I'm going to encourage you to develop now...embracing Full-Circle Fashion. 

Our last style tip blog included a bit about slowing down the tendencies to fill your wardrobe-letting your closet breathe and really focus on the pieces you need and want.  This is a crucial step because slowing down gives a grand double-door entrance for Full-Circle Fashion.

What's Full-circle fashion? It's my way of describing our desire to match you with the pieces that make you feel confident while partnering with ethical and sustainable vendors to bring you those pieces in the first place.

It's not compromising while curating. Unfortunately, there are so many companies that will forfeit their care about how pieces are made just to focus on turning a profit.

So now that we're aware of what the "full-circle" is made of, let's get personal...

Owning Kalon has been an eye opener on so many levels...the biggest of which inspired our journey to becoming a 100% sustainably sourced shop (we're so close to being there).  

That goal takes time. That goal means I will deny higher profits to bring you pieces that are ethically made. That goal means I will search high and low to bring you pieces that not only make you feel confident, but give you confidence in how they were made. That goal means I'm on a mission to help you see the beautiful value in showing value to the people who make the clothes you wear.

It takes time, intentionality and purpose to dig deep and find companies who are willing to be transparent and are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.  


I simply cannot justify convenience over the way people are treated.

We've been sourcing more and more pieces with ethical companies this past year including Fair-Trade Certified, G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) and W.R.A.P certified companies! But this Fall we are taking an even bigger step in the right direction by partnering with two B-Corporations as our newest vendors. (I'll attach a list of resources at the bottom of this blog for your reference).

So as we slow down our purchasing habits, I believe we'll begin to see a bigger picture that helps us prioritize what's truly important. Every dollar you spend is a vote cast, so let's cast our votes for ethical and sustainable practices WHILE finding threads to feel confident in.

xo, Makenna

List of Resources:

https://www.fairtradecertified.org/why-fair-trade Fair Trade USA

https://www.global-standard.org/the-standard/general-description.html Global Standard

http://www.wrapcompliance.org/en/12-principles Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

https://bcorporation.net/certification B-Lab (B-Corporation)