How to Update my Wardrobe

Feeling a little stuck with your current wardrobe? Girl, I get it.

I've had moments where I'm standing at the closet, staring at my clothes and wonder why not ONE piece seems to fit what I can my closet betray me?! Okay..maybe slightly dramatic...

In all reality, there are seasons in my life where I've bought clothes on a whim or only because it was on sale.  Fast forward to standing in my closet looking at THOSE pieces.  I wasn't shopping on purpose, nor was I thinking about how I could use the clothes I was buying in the future.  

It can certainly be a daunting task to try and weed out the closet- shuffling through the old High School tees that are worn, deciding whether or not to keep that one shirt that was a gift from last year, etc. There are definitely times to pull out unworn pieces and downsize, but how do you insure that you're not going to replace the items you get rid of with more pieces that'll leave you coming up short in a few months? Here's a hint-Rome wasn't built in a day.  And as much as you'd love to snap your fingers and have your dream closet, it won't be built in a day, either.

Slow down. There's step #1. Buying on a whim can lead to future frustrations and wardrobe fails that don't do you any favors. In slowing down the buying process, you'll give yourself a bit of breathing room to truly decide what pieces you need. 

Step #2, think of what you get dressed for the most. Is it work? Work meetings? Being a stay at home mom? Student? Business owner? Create a list of the places you go most, then start to visualize the types of clothing pieces that could transition you from one daily task to the next.

Step #3 Start with the staples. Having consistently great basic pieces in your wardrobe will help you build your outfit.  These pieces should include a great pair of pants. They can be denim, linen, dress pants...whatever serves you most.  They should be comfortable and form flattering. The next piece is a well made neutral top.  This item will be your best friend. It helps you skip the over-thinking phase and dive right into outfit options. These two foundation pieces will make your life so much easier! From here, you can change the look of your outfit by adding a jacket or blazer, like our Open Front Blazer in Desert Rose.

Step #4 Think before you buy. If shopping is overwhelming to you, find a place that speaks your language. Trying to shop your style in a place that's the exact opposite is like shoving a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn't work.  This is where shopping local can seriously come in handy.  When you find a shop that speaks your language and sources consistently great pieces, you're already ahead of the game. As Mary Poppins says..."Well begun is half done" and that rings true when you trust the place you're shopping.  

Ready to be half done before you even start? Start with us. We work tirelessly to find the pieces you need that fit your lifestyle. 

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Until Next Time, Friend!

XO, Makenna